Everything in the home is technology.

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We will always clean up and leave your property in a better-than-before condition.

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We are a Denver based family friendly company that is passionate about solving problems and upgrading lifestyles. Our property maintenance, upgrade, and repair service area ranges from Boulder to Castle Rock. We specialize in owner-occupied residential and commercial properties and drive quality results and professional service.

Custom Concrete Countertops

A friend of mine was starting an Air BnB and needed a good concept for his kitchen. He thought of a great strategy and needed help implementing it. This is where I came in with my tools and know how. I was very happy with the results we achieved and made certain alterations to the intended design. One alteration was to make smaller molds for the back splashes pictured. I was very happy with the look we achieved and the value we shared.

Gusting Wind Damaged Fence

In Colorado Springs and northwards to Denver, through the plains areas of central Colorado, we get some pretty hefty wind speeds. Having a background in roofing makes me very familiar with the damage of this particular element. Roofing needs specific wind nailing and better material, so that shingles dont rip off during gusts of up to 190mph. These types of winds can wreak havoc on many areas of the house, including fencing. Pictured is a fence that was blown down in addition to tree branches falling off and tearing apart smaller sections as well. We work in multiple trades and wouldn’t mind bringing a chainsaw with us to clean up and remove damaged branches all while rebuilding your fence.

Movie Room Laminate Floor

In Westminster I had a very decent family man named Jonathan reach out to me for some help with craftsmanship in carpentry. He took care of the design with excellent colors and materials. I took care of building the risers, doors and frames, floors, closets doors, and shelves. His audio/visual installation was fun to be apart of. He taught me that a laser level is an excellent instrument for centering a projector.

Cant afford a handyman? Tell us the problem and we’ll help you fix it.

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If you made it this far, as a bonus let me tell you about Home Tech Handyman’s creed. It is a statement that guides our craftsmen in providing exceptional service to clients. Through it, the company’s values of quality service, problem-solving, and client satisfaction are established. Along with emphasizing our upholding of prestigious habits, honorable rituals, and quality workmanship. Our craftsmen respond to problems with solutions based on cost or quality, depending on the time allotted. Our compant, Home Tech Handyman, fosters an atmosphere of understanding, genuine curiosity, and patience to become more elite craftsmen by the day. We recognize that everything in a home is technology and aim to bring a better future into the present through proper maintenance, suitable installations, and timely repairs. The company takes pride in their knowledge of construction methods and materials that comprehensively serve both residential and commercial clients. They believe in creating agency through experience and continuous improvement. We are driven by problem-solving and a desire to make things better. Our ultimate goal is to achieve client satisfaction and permanent environmental prosperity with our hands but only through our hearts.