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Cali Bamboo – RBM 202

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Renewable Building Materials 202: Cali Bamboo Offering a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional materials, explore the benefits and styles of Cali Bamboo building materials. By Kevin Schlosser Bamboo is an amazing plant. One species of bamboo is able to grow 35 inches in a single day. And bamboo also has a tensile strength that’s […]

RBM 101 – Titan Brick

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Renewable Building Materials 101: Why Titan Brick is a Titanic Renewable Building Material Are you looking to use renewable building materials? If so, check out this guide to learn about the top benefits of titan brick. By Kevin Schlosser In 2018, the Masonry industry reached a revenue of $27 billion. So has the green building industry.  […]

Solar – Project Sunroof

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Using Google Earth imagery on Project Sunroof you can analyze your roof shape and local weather patterns to create a personalized solar plan. You can then adjust your electric bill to fine-tune your savings estimate and the recommended number of solar panels for your home. Finally, you may compare loan, lease, and purchase options for […]