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Home Remodeling to Boost Resale Value

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Home Remodeling Projects to Boost Resale Value Remodeling your home can add style and function to any space, but it’s also important to choose upgrades that will give you the best return on your investment. These ideas will help you boost resale value. By Kevin Schlosser If you’re considering doing some home remodeling, it’s important […]

Creating a Continuous Load Path to Strengthen Your Home

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The structure of your home is only as strong as its weakest connection. You may think the nails holding your home in place are strong enough, but the truth is high winds or an earthquake could topple you home in an instant. The best way you can strengthen your home against these potential disasters is […]

5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter

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A warm cozy home with an affordable heating bill in thewinter is what we all long for.  Here area few simple steps to take to make sure your home is prepared for the wintermonths to lower your utility bills, protect your investment and keepyour family safe. 1. Furnace Tune-upAn HVAC system inspection can find blocked vents, a […]