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May 14, 2018 by in Green Building Tips

Using Google Earth imagery on Project Sunroof you can analyze your roof shape and local weather patterns to create a personalized solar plan.

You can then adjust your electric bill to fine-tune your savings estimate and the recommended number of solar panels for your home.

Finally, you may compare loan, lease, and purchase options for your solar panels based on your results.

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How it works...

On their website, they list this example to give us an idea of what results can be found…

If, for example, you have 1,479 hours of usable sunlight per year based on day-to-day analysis of weather patterns…


And an area of 497 sq feet is available for solar panels, based on 3-D modeling of the roof and nearby trees…


$18,000 would be the estimated net savings for your roof over 20 years. 


$75 every month

$ 1

If you are interested in using the ultimate energy source to power your home go to google and search project sunroof

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by The Dekanski Home Selling Team in New Jersey

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