Brick Veneer

May 6, 2018 by in Owner/Builder Tips

Brick-It is a cutting edge company when it comes to styling rooms within your new home. Brick-It’s installation system has metal panels with ledges that hold each row in place, leaving space for mortar. The panels are screwed to wall studs, and can be bent around corners. The bricks are then glued in place with adhesive applied with a simple caulking gun, and mortar is pumped between them. The revolutionary substrate I mentioned is a galvanized (non-corrosive) metal called DMG or designer metal grid system. It allows perfectly aligned brick for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. This substrate has an interlocking feature and structural panel shape that provides equal weight distribution of the bricks, reinforces the building corners and gives additional support to the wall itself. This technology makes it useable on more than simply straight walls and I recommend using the product around a corner like in a stairwell or around a kitchen pillar. My favorite discovery is that they have a popular brick called Brick It New York Used that are 1-2$ more a square foot but they are worth it. These bricks are distinctive and matchless, as they come from demolitions in New York and have unique characteristics. If you looking to add warmth and have that one of a kind look to your project you should consider these bricks. Please consider this innovative technology when designing your new home.

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