Fixing LCDs

May 10, 2018 by in DIY Tips

In our technology era liquid crystal displays are something we use in many ways everyday. In fact you have to be looking at one on a phone, tablet, or computer screen right now to read this. If you are a serious weekend warrior then today’s topic should be pretty exciting and fun for you. It is certainly costly to possess all the devices we want or even need. The average flagship cellphones are over $600.00 and quality tablets, laptops, cameras, and computers can be much higher. For example a Canon 5D Mark II is about $1000-1300 dollars new though it’s release was 2008. With the ability to buy lenses with a f1.2 aperture it is still very worth the current new/used cost. If and when our LED’s simply go out over time, or break from a poorly packed suitcase or accidental drop it is hard to justify simply going for a new one. That is where comes in. They are a company that has made these repairs as easy as buying and assembling IKEA furniture. They have kits on their site that possess all the tools, instructions, and parts to do many repairs at a low cost on our expensive electronics. Take this 5D Mark II for example, (, the LED can be replaced with novice to intermediate level experience. Some devices such as apple technology has been made so simple the cost for replacements even at an apple store has become low, but even lower for those of us that loved our LEGO’s as a child. So if you experience physical damage to a device, before paying your deductible and monthly cost on insurance, or buying a new one outright visit the site at Ifixit and have fun doing it yourself!

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